Improving the quality of care – we want to hear from you

Improving the Quality of CareOver the past 6 months, staff from NHS Forth Valley and both Health & Social Care Partnerships have been working with a range of colleagues and service users to develop a new Quality Strategy that sets out our approach to planning, assuring and improving the quality of care and support we deliver.

The feedback so far has helped to identify the following five priorities:

  1. Involve patients, service users and their carers – from feedback to supporting and leading quality improvement, service users, patients and unpaid carers should be at the centre of everything we do.
  2. Have a clear and consistent approach to quality improvement – our approach to quality improvement should be easy to follow, evidence based and accessible to everyone.
  3. Work as a system – working collaboratively across teams, services and organisations will deliver the best outcomes and experiences of health and care.
  4. Focus on relationships and culture – quality requires more than just the technical use of tools and models – relationships and behaviours are just as important. Giving teams the time, resources and ‘permission’ to engage is more likely to result in sustained change.
  5. Use data effectively – services should use up-to-date, accurate data to support improvements. This information should be easy to access and meaningful to everyone.

We want to hear from you

Whether you want to share your opinions and ideas or participate in a future meeting to discuss quality improvements – we want to hear from you to help understand what matters to you most when delivering or accessing local health services, care and support.

Just answer a few questions by visiting the survey and provide your feedback by Friday 28th May 2021.